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Music as a life style...

Coming from a family that has had multiple musical successes, Greg Allen is an artist who has made the banjo his way of life. Member of the Allen Brothers and son of Red Allen, one of the greatest exponents of bluegrass in the world, Greg is an experienced musician, who with his fingers and his wonderful voice, helped to keep the family tradition alive. 


Greg is an acclaimed artist who never stops making music, and today he makes his talent and skills available to new generations of musicians. He will not only teach you how to play an instrument but also how to feel the power of music and multiply the precious notes of the banjo, to build music of superior quality, cultural value, and rich emotions.


He is known not only for his talent and trajectory but also for his creativity and skill. Now he will share his wisdom and instruction with you. His wealth of knowledge of music is infinite and will inspire you to explore new possibilities.

The Greg Allen method

Learn to play the banjo with a legend. Greg will provide you with the techniques, skills, and creativity of a long-standing family. He will not only teach you how to play an instrument, but he will provide you with the knowledge that for decades gave his family fame and respect in the bluegrass world.


Greg Allen's vast experience and endless creativity are priceless. But thanks to his willingness and ability to transmit knowledge and techniques, he can help you become the next great talent on the banjo, guitar, or mandolin thanks to his sure-fire method.


Greg has developed a simple method to help all banjo students comprehend more readily. Once the student applies this method, the tablature hurdle that once was confusing to many beginners is simplified, enabling them to find the road to success and begin to master the details the great players use.


While Greg may consider himself a lifetime student, among the best banjo players in the world he is known to be a master at his craft. The difference between the best and the “Best of the Best” is in the details. One only needs to listen to a single track of Greg’s music to appreciate the distinct playing style that makes those details come alive.


Awards and recognitions

Greg Allen is a faithful representative that music is a lifestyle. After a long and prosperous career, he has become a musical specialist who not only makes music but after develops his own method, and his own brand is dedicated to teaching you how to become a specialist in string instruments in the easiest way.


Greg's unwavering desire to teach others and develop their music skills, passion for music, and his method had helped his students to acquire new abilities, and his knowledge and talent earned him a place among the recipients of the Top Professional title by Marquis Who's Who in 2022, joining the list of notable artists recognized for their achievements, visibility, and prominence throughout their careers.

You can read more about his achievements here:

Learn bluegrass music

Learn to play the banjo with a legend.

Discover what the music world has to offer with someone who loves what he does and quickly see the results of your hard work.


Greg will provide you with the knowledge for decades in the bluegrass world.

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