Greg Allen was born into a musical legacy begun by his Father, legendary bluegrass musician and IBMA Hall of Fame inductee Red Allen. The family's legacy grew as they became one of the most popular bluegrass groups in American music history.


Along with his Father and his brothers Ronnie, Neal, and Harley, Greg toured and recorded on such notable record labels as Folkways (now Smithsonian Folkways), Rounder, King Bluegrass and Lemco. He is a songwriter, arranger, vocalist and a teacher of the banjo.


For decades, Greg has been sought after by professionals and students alike who seek to learn his way of playing. Greg considers himself a lifetime student of the banjo, noting that "no-one knows it all", and has said that he is "constantly learning something new nearly every day".


While Greg may consider himself a lifetime student, among the best banjo players in the world he is known to be a master at his craft. The difference between the best and the “Best of the Best” is in the details. One only need to listen to a single track of Greg’s music to appreciate the distinct playing style that makes those details come alive.



Greg has developed a simple method to help all banjo students comprehend more readily. Once the student applies this method, the tablature hurdle that once was confusing to many beginners is simplified, enabling them to find the road to success and begin to master the details the great players use.